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Navratri vrat vidhi

The Navratri vrat vidhi is not very difficult.The person doing the Navratri vrat vidhi must fast in these nine days. He or she must have complete control on their food, behaviour and character. The food consumed in Navratri must be essentially fruits, crud, potatoes, ect. You must ensure that you do not consume any food that contains garlic and onion. These nine days you must worship the goddess durga with full dedication and commitment.

Before the Navratri vrat vidhi starts ensure that house is clean. The Goddess Durga will not enter a house that is not clean enough.

Day1:- On the first day of the navratri get mud from a pond that is located in an auspicious place. If  you collect the mud from the bed of the river Ganga then it would be the best. Make a small bed of this mud. This must be made in the puja room of the house. Take some barley seeds and place on the clay bed. On this bed place a ppot that is either made of mud or copper.
Fill this pot with water. The pot must be completely full. on top of this pot place a small bowl that is filled with rice. Keep a coconut with five mango leaves on this kalash. This kalash is considered to be the Goddess Durga herself. With full devotion welcome the Goddess Durga and tell her to come into that you have palce a diya near this pot and let it be lighted all through the nine days. It is called the akhand diya.
This pot with all its contents must be kept as it is for the rest of the Navratri. On the last day of Navratri you will notice that the barley seeds have sprouted and seedlings are coming out. These are pulled out and are considered as blesssings from the goddess herself. These must be distributed among the devotees. There is a popular belief that the longer the saplings are the more prosperous the household will in the next one year

Days2-3:- The first three days of the Navratri vrat vidhi are dedicated to Goddess Durga. Durga is worshipped for strength and energy.

Days 4-6:- From the fourth to the sixth day the Goddess Laksmi in worshipped for wealth and prosperity. We have also carried a separate article on sri laxmi puja vidhi and mantras for financial property and material success, though we always keep adding that doing the right karma and hard work must go hand in hand with it.

Days 7:- The seventh day of the Navratri vrat vidhi is for the Goddess Saraswati. She is the goddess of knowledge and education. Without knowledge one cannot hold wealth for long. This is exactly why the goddess of education also worshipped.

Days8:- Mahaashtami:- The eighth day of the navratri vrat vidhi is called the Mahaashtami. On this day kumari puja is done. Little girls who have not attained puberty yet are worshipped like a goddess. This is done both in the temples as well as in the households. It is believed that these little girls get divine power on this day can bless the devotees and fulfill all their wishes. The devotees touch the feet of this young girl and ask for her blessings.

 Days9:- Mahanavami:- The nineth day of the Navratri vrat vidhi is the last day of the puja. It is also called the mahanavami. on thsi day the young girl are worshiped. Usually nine young girls are selected for the puja on the final day of the Navratri vrat vidhi. these nine girls singnify the nine forms of Durga. The feet of these girls are washed. These girls are the offered food. The food consists of kala chana, puri, halwa, and other sweets. The items increase as per the Financial ability of the person doing the puja. These girls sre given money, coconut and a red piece of cloth. With this the Navratri vrat vidhi comes to an ens.

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