Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Implementing the new building, the old discount

AMC's general meeting decided to
Amravati: -mahanagarpalika NOC from the new building without electricity and water facilities not available to make orders were issued. The opposition protests since the above command to the old buildings not exempt NOC. Opposition leader Praveen Haramkar opposition in the General Assembly after the mayor Rina Nanda old building in town, the only utility head relief work in NOC certificate is mandatory. In the newly created town houses ordered to NOC. 17 Ganvtan utility certificate, a slum area in general meeting has decided to grant the relief.

Commotion at NOC
DR. Babasaheb Ambedkar Hall in the Mayor Rina Nanda public meeting on Tuesday, Deputy Sheikh Zafar, Commissioner Chandrakant Gundewar Municipal Secretary Madan Tambekar were present. Haramkar difficulties caused to citizens by raising the issue of the NOC laid before the House. Haramkar said Mahanagarpalika ever in the history of the NOC of a City resident electricity and water were not taken. People Mahanagarpalika intense resentment will build. In view of this decision should withdraw. It also supported the other members. The mayor Nanda old house holders to provide relief to this decision applied only to holders of the new building. However, the utility certificate Old Amravati is necessary. 17 Ganvtan both relieved and slum areas.

The LED light will
As soon as the members of the House of the LED lights on the solar project Suresh Ranade presented presentations. Expressing satisfaction at the presentation of his proposal passed by the Hall. Archana Ingole administration imposed on the accused to answer questions wrong, Navsari and Siddharth citizens seeking to arrange the pipes for drinking water by Pradeep Bajad. The commissioner of the Rs 470 crore, Rs 50 crore has been approved, of which Area Nihay pipeline, water tank will be constructed. Pravin Meshram Rahatgaon from the Naka Shegaon width proposed bypass route. The auditorium also expressed serious sanction sought, but the commissioner made it clear that it was only 1-2 million over the project. Not so too must the process of land acquisition for the road.

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