Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Gooddess Skandmata

Gooddess Skandmata
Skandamata is the fifty og goddess durga she is the mother of skand kumar this she is given the name of skandmata in this farm, she can be seen with the lord skanda in his infant form sitting on the her lap. This day devotees mind reached visuddha chakra. She carries the beautifying image of a goddess seated on a lotus flower.this is the reason that she is also known as padamasani.

Goddess skandamata is the daily of the solar systems by worshipping the goddess in the form of skandamata the devate gets all his desire fulfilled and tasted the supreme jay even in this very mortal world. A super natural aura in the atmosphere is discharge by the goddess and the one who worshipping her with pure heart. He gets freedom from all trouble and suffering. 

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