Thursday, 15 October 2015

75 CCTV cameras in Navratri festival

Ambadevi Temple
Amravati: - Amba Devi and Ekveera Devi temple Navratri festival celebration has begin. Navratri festival is the security arrangements for the 75 CCTV cameras. Of this, 32 and Ambadevi Ekveera Devi temple is being monitored by 25 cameras. The 18 cameras have been installed at the fair lasting Ambadevi from Rajkamal. Ambadevi temple Rajkamal Navratri festival in the streets with security measures in place to monitor 5 is designed loft. Scaffolds on two police personnel have been deployed near the telescope and wireless. Fair between 1 DCP 2 with ACP, 10 inspectors, 22 PSI, 200 policemen, 150 home guards, 50 women home guards have been deployed.

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