Friday, 11 September 2015


Given the scarcity of water will change

Amravati: Water scarcity in the district as required in view of the water distribution projects right now, District Magistrate is transferred to. According to the decision of the district government in the projects of drinking water, agriculture and water projects have been reserved for Bottling. Sdushy famine situation in Marathwada concrete step the government to seek permission from the government to put bits long process to change its distribution rights were handed over to the collector of the district committee of district reserve is set to be ordered.In this context, said District Magistrate kiran gite is Sthitinhin Sdushy famine in Amravati district. Recent rains 660 mm. More than 50 percent of the crops due to rain Pasewari likely expressed.

Most water reserve of the Upper Wardha

According to information received by the district committee of the faucet and supply reservation plan reservation through the district on behalf of the Committee have been reserved for drinking water. Municipal water supply scheme in which 40 Dalghami, Morshi city water supply scheme Dalghami 2.053, 2.2563 Dalghami Vrud city water supply scheme, Morshi 70 village water supply scheme in Hivrkhed 0.493 0.561 0.538 in loni jarood, to erase the village Project 0.17 Danodi Malked Village panchayat  for Kurha Vrha  0.418 Tivsa Jaora0.20, Fttepur, Nmskari plan Anjansingi 0.50,  from Pimpalkhuta Naigaon 0.168, Dighi Mahlle Kakde sonar, Ashta own water supply scheme has been reserved for water.

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