Monday, 7 September 2015


Amravati: 25 days of rain are missing heat mercury in it once again, the people running the AC cooler While no rain has forced farmers to protect crops on the other hand is engaged in the hard sun hitting the yellow Mujek Increasing soybean production has increased over the crisis already had an impact on the production of soybean due to indifference of rain so hot I Mujek Yellow intensified attacks have been troubled by the farmer.

                                                             Sweaty sun

People suffering from severe sun in September, falling to one side of the rain at the beginning of August, the figure exceeded the average rainfall was the lack of rains everywhere are vile 544.2 mm rainfall till 2014 am to 6 Sitbr But this is still only 514.8 mm rainfall in the month of September sun was coming in like humidity and heat in the homes of people are suffering from civil AC fans and coolers are then usually rains forced open Man electric bill is coming off a scarf round of goggles are not.

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