Sunday, 6 September 2015


Amravati: 5 September Sainnagr Art Society to respect the position of the child held the Hindi play at 7 pm on September 24, held in Saint Dnyaneshwar sankrutik building. On the street carrying the child worker who works as an education for 120 Childern in Pune Village institution is Studying  Dr.Dev Dutt made part of the reader, the play will be presented in the natural educational institution acting on behalf of 52 children submitted written story of the drama is Aśvaghoṣa. For carrying fire extinguishers when the administration is working as Child Worker Garbage appears to be to control the thief, saying the police should they flop, such as where I was supposed to do these children from the agony that what I ray of hope for these children to see this play out September 24 To see more of being present in excess of the number that is called upon Jyoti Totewar

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