Tuesday, 8 September 2015


  • Sound Pollution In Curdhandi

Amravati: curdhandi event strict interdication on DJ set after breaking the rules in terms of playing three decibels more sound legal curdhandi clamp down on the organizers are busy preparing the city police. curdhandi DJ played in three events has more than 100 decibels, a sound readind of the information has come through the machine.
  • Investigation Committee
On Sunday a young man in the city with three curdhandi board, Navyuvak Mandal and was organized by Yuva Sena. The three organizers of the event, a meeting at the police station before the station was DJ-related information. DJ playing the same ones over only 2 speakers with a 75 Not to exceed decibel sound was assured, But on Sunday, the three organizers curdhandi splash of all rules, terms stare fixedly at the DJ played by. Reading police officers in the settlement of these DJ sound readings taken through the machine. All the readings remained above 75 decibels.Whose Slips as evidence to the police is. The case has been assigned to a committee DJ playing. The committee is to Bhalerao Gavrane DCP. The investigating officer concerned shall order the police to file a report.
  • Investigation On One Week
Noise Pollution Act is not charged directly to a member of his committee, which examines the organizers throughout the week, DJ operators, citizens and punch are the statements to the police station concerned after the investigation report must be filed .The investigation is initiated.

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