Tuesday, 24 November 2015


True social service
Once a scholar of England Margaret Nobel had the opportunity to listen to speeches of Swami Vivekananda. He was very impressed by Vivekananda's views. He had given them to walk on the path taken resolution and urged them to be dedicated to the service of India. The owner gave him the new name of Sister Nivedita and handed over to them the task of women's education in Bengal. Nivedita began the orphanage for orphan girls. The resolution did not seek assistance from the British government. Once a rich man to support her orphaned girls reached and sought assistance for the maintenance. He refused to help and told him to leave but Nivedita once again urged to help poor girls. And he called for help, sir angry and blind, he slapped a Nivedita. Sister was a long silence. He then requested that Mr. anger you slap me, is a matter of great pleasure. But for now, so please orphan girls. Nivedita melt in the mouth, the hearing person and a true social worker of her time has come to insult his honor worrying and his only goal is to work your service creates.

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