Friday, 4 September 2015

Will roadside yoghurt pot

Finally, the organizers of victory

Amravati: Yogurt pot with competition ongoing clashes between the police and the organizers were arrested on Thursday when the High Court against the city citing police roadside yoghurt pot and allowed to compete with the information from senior officials Citing police in the city on September 6, the yoghurt pot three competition allowed to conduct roadside yoghurt pot from the organizers of the news with relief Govindaon the young self-garde square young man in the city on September 6 The Board of the young army Jaistamb, Rajkamal Square yogurt pot competitions were held on the same day of the events on the street by the police had given strict instructions not to cause the organizers and the police took part in the competition was difficult but DG Office met only 25 percent of the order police street use allowed to conduct roadside yoghurt pot. 

Chambers gave instructions

Rajapet pot of yoghurt on which the self-respect of the use of only one crane and the crane is directed to the front of the party office in which the fire brigade vehicles also will stand Badnera Road will remain open completely to bus Place the yoghurt pot and the pavement will be used for events such young college Rajkamal Square leading to the yogurt pot Badnera ST stand a decent place them in vehicles regularly be directed to the yoghurt pot.

Under the rules Events

Police held by a yoghurt pot which are guidelines to follow events organized by the yogurt pot should not give crowd gathered on the street and not the traffic bound to hold events at the venue to be determined.

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