Thursday, 3 September 2015

The strike had paralyzed government machinery

  Mahamorcha forth demands
Amravati: Modi government worker and anti-farmer policy implementation, I was accused of bringing state government employee intermediate organizational leadership I district 30 to 35 organizations across the country, announced on Wednesday Maha Morcha turned off. Kamband movement of organizations in addition to the metropolitan municipal and Jilhaprisd affect the functioning of banks. Nehru Maidan obviously came out of the front of the collector's office where the meeting took the form of anti-government policy was fiercely criticized. kiran Gite Super staff memorandum to the district magistrate I was growing resentment I demand change.

Workers oppose anti Policy
12 from Nehru Maidan. 30 am to 2 out front. I drive to the office where the meeting expressed DM 30 pm situ Udayan Sharma government workers to protest against the policy of the government is cheating the farmers even if sweet, sweet talking to gain power but now farmers and workers I'm back with a dagger stabbed Pdbrti process due to the closure of more than half a million vacancies in various department offices I have a staff which is entrusted with the performance of two three-term mental pressure on staff is increasing to 6 January 2015 percent dearness allowance the government has not implemented January 1, 2016 the seventh pay commission to plead not even been accused of giving

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