Thursday, 10 September 2015

Kishor Agarwal Posthumous Eye Donation

Amravati: Ramnagar resident Medical businessman Kishore Agarwal was donated them posthumously. Through the work of their welfare was also posthumously. Purushottam Agarwal family arrived at the time of this terrible disaster Subhash, Amit Anand, Vijay Ravi took bold decisions. He donated them to the Eye Donation Society approached Harina

So far, 13 lights

Rathi Prasas Committee officials, showing readiness, patient Gandhi District General Hospital. A. P Shinde, eye donation and eye donation made by Smupdeshak Jhukre Thackeray. These eyes were donated Mangalbhai Popat memory Nethralaya and Madhusudan Jajodia eye implant made through the center implanted in the two blind people. Is Significantly 13 blind eye so far from the transplant center have been implanted.

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