Friday, 4 September 2015

Humane Jagengi not see the picture? There severe refugee problem

Athens / Berlin / Prague / Sofia. September 4 (Agency)
The number of people migrating to Europe amid a similar picture emerged shook the entire world. Photo on the southern coast of Turkey, Bodrum noted a three-year-old boy fell flat.
A child who throng of refugees. As part of the countless boats capsized his boat and his body came floating ashore. Syrian refugees boarded the boat to reach the island of Kos in Greece was. But the floor before the boat sank and five children and a woman died in the face of death. Social Media Bodrum beach boy (whose name, according to Turkish media is Alian Kurdish) Syrian living in sub-human conditions is proof. These days, Syria, Afghanistan and Iran, so a crowd of refugees from troubled areas such as Europe and the boats coming through Sdkk debt-ridden European countries that might have come in.
Rgmni country for refugees is proving popular. Last year, one lakh 72 thousand 584 refugees came Rgmni. By July this year, one million 88 thousand refugees had applied for asylum. The ferry capsized, killing 14
Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia today a ferry sank off the coast Giknauka 14 migrants killed nearly 100 people aboard. Police said 15 people rescued by local fishermen. The 14 bodies (13 females and one male) extracted. '
125 refugees arrested
Bulgaria 125 foreign nationals illegally entering the border to prevent the detained. Most citizens were fleeing Syria. There severe refugee problem.

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