Thursday, 10 September 2015


Amravati: Gadge nagar in the dormitory Watchman Dhole Gruhpal Rangari and rude Behavior of the collector Kiran Gite has issued an order to suspend the Both. In this context, under the banner of adiawas Yuva Kranti Dal student complained to the district collector, the collector of the bereaved immediately issues orders.

Pankaj Wherate said the rude behavior with the student, the academic literature reluctant to do, night in hostel Berat drunken quarrel with students working both used to humiliate them. The bereaved and the students decided to march from Amravati to Dharni. Taking the Aboriginal project officer intervened and Dhole transferred Rangali. The hostel itself is employed, even though both Gadge Nagar. He again began to trouble the students. Small act of intimidation is based on complaints. Given the upcoming exam students are expected to educational disadvantage. If action was not so fast to begin September 15 in front of the district magistrate's office said, warning students. Students afflicted tone and trouble keeping Magistrate issued the order immediately. While handing over the memo Msram councilor Raju, were present with the student.

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