Wednesday, 2 September 2015

15 teams and this complaint after police crackdow

Amravati Police Commissioner Ajit Patil on Thursday after ordering the city had to be submitted in 15 homeopathic doctors Police Commissionerate. After a complaint to the Commissioner of Police in the city had been taken by the guerrilla According to information received, the police complaint commissioner Ajit Patil 15 teams made it to every team 1 PSI, 1 doctor and 2 combined police team went to the city's hospitals Homeopathic doctors have been processed. Action had to be introduced in the 18 doctors Police Commissionerate It Farooq Khan, Bismillah Khan, Ashfaq Sheikh Abdul attorney, Feroz Khan Istrail Khan, Inaruddin Nijaruddin, Ross Yasmin, Minister, Rashid Sheikh, Batra, Siddiqui, Saheb Khan, Nisar, doctors, etc. is the inclusion of Feroz and Namdeo Rathod Commissioner Purushottam Patil hundreds of fake doctors in the city had been complaining of

The complaint was also noted that the city, despite some degree of homeopathic doctors of allopathic medicines that are based on the city's 15 homeopathic doctors were called in Commissionerate Ayuktne check the documents of all these doctors being pdtal these doctors who will fake degree, those doctors will be booked

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